Switching Transformer utilizing a used TV,

Switching Transformer utilizing a used TV,
term Power Supply in all things electronics so is vital, because without Power Electronics Supplya then the device will not work, the next name Power Supply can not be separated from Transformer (Transformer). The transformer itself there are various, views of usefulness existing transformer Step-Up, Step-Down Transformer, diliat terms of physical nothing of the iron core and there from that of the core ferite, etc. to make the transformer we have to know the formula, but here I will not discuss about the formula to make the transformer, on this occasion allowed how to use transformers Switching former TV's in use being a Power Supply that can be used for Power Supply Audio Power OCL and other purposes that require Power supply. Initially I terinpirasi of an SPK aktive (if not one of the brand Polytron) and my clay does not use a transformer iron, but rather Switching models such as TV and Transformernnya also for Transformers Sewitching TV 21 Inch, and type Power audio OCL use transistors 4 seeds are TIP3055 / TIP2955 2 seeds respectively, and the speaker 4 pieces each 8 Inch. Menggelaegar voice steady, while the music goes I try measuring the voltage remains steady and stable. If I look at SPK aktive this model is wearing the iron stidaknya Transformer Transformer is around 5A more likely 6-7A. Below I have a time to snap an amplifier that uses Switching Regulator, is similar to the Series of Power Supply Computer, note the picture

On this basis, came the idea to take advantage of Transformer Switching TV and to download the drivers I use Switcing Power Supply Module or better known as GACUN that many are sold at electronics stores at a price of Rp average . 22,500 to Rp. 25,000. Just look at the scheme below. There are two kinds of schemes the first without rangkain optocoupler and the second wore a series Optoupler schematic below is skema Power Supply by utilizing the transformer Switching former TV However the circuit Optocuplernya not used, this circuit I already use and often I plug in Power Audio OCL, sometimes I bundle to replace the transformer Iron on SPK aktive if Trafonya damaged or burned. The result is the same as using a regular transformer 5A, so I now not ever buy transformer iron. If you wish to obtain large currents would use a large transformer and wire Switcing large email or consist of wire email dilillit little in the trailer together. For those who want to try , follow the steps of her. Schematic below are also a series of Power supply with

Switching Transformer utilizing a used TV, but this circuit uses a voltage optocoupler thus more steady and stable, does not follow the input voltage up and down, this chain and will also be protected if the voltage ouput experience short.

Description: Primary coil wrap is 110 and is divided into two parts: P1: 55 convolution. Ø 0.6mm wire email P2: 55 convolution. Ø 0.6mm wire coil Secondary email S1: 24 convolution. Ø 1mm wire email S2: 55 convolution. Ø 0.2mm wire email How to make loops need attention in twisting the coil is wound clockwise and neat as possible and do not let anyone short. How to make the windings are as follows: Open containers ferite its original winding and unwinding Create new, starting with the primary winding, P1: 55 convolution. Email wire Ø 0.6mm. Solder wire on the available tabs and start twisting until the 55th itungan then solder terminus on the tabs. remember and mark the end of the beginning liltan earlier, because the end of that later will be connected directly to positive 220v - 300v Continued made liltan Secondary first, S1: 24 convolution. Ø 1mm wire email. This secondary Liltan to obtain dual voltage (24v - CT - 24v). How:  end of the wire on the tabs and then create as many as 12 coiled coil then  on the tabs (this tab is for CT / Centre Tab). then continue 12 coil again. Can Jugan by twisting two wires together 12 lilit then the tip end of the first wire is connected with the beginning of the end of the second wire of this meeting is called CT (center tab) Next we create a second secondary winding, S2: 55 convolution. Email wire Ø 0.2mm. This winding to get the voltage optocoupler 110 to the circuit if it will use it, but if you do not use the optocoupler circuit this coil windings Make dispensed only for additional circuit, for example 12v for the fan, 15-ct-15 for tone control, etc. wrapped around the same way but use a fine wire just because small current required, so use 0.2 wire alone is sufficient. The number of windings is: 12volt coil  6 convolution. and for tone control circuit are usually equipped with Regulator IC 7815 and 7915 then we made just voltage 18V-18V-ct. To get the voltage 18V-18V-ct scarcity together with step No. 3 but the number of windings 9 convolution Tab Once they have done and finished making his Secondary coil, then closed with Primary coil  second (P2: 55 convolution. Ø 0.6mm wire email). The trick: solder wire ends that would wound on the final tab Primary liltan the first one, then create loops with a total of 55 neatly wrap and solder the ends on yan tab available. mark and remember that this end will be connected to the circuit aka Switching Power Supply Module on red wire Each gets one layer of windings, do not forget to give the insulation, or insulation that long can be used again. Done dah make windings ... it's easy ... ?? !! Well ... after whatch circuit, and read a simple statement right ??? made enough use of PCB holes could aja. It only takes precision and patience also prudence. Ya pictures circuit becomes. I use the TV Switching Transformer 29 Chinese brands. The set directthe output section do not I join, because this is my post for OCL 300watt that there is a direct circuit and a rectifier diode Elconya.

Below is a picture of Switching Power Supply Module, or among technicians often called GACUN. that the need for Making Switching Power Supply from the former Transformers TV

Picture below is Koker ferite I've opened and the original coil also already in the open

Figure below shows the finished creating the first primary winding (P1: 55 convolution. Ø 0.6mm wire email)

Done dah stay put her back ferite

How to remove ferite buddy who  certainly have difficulty in removing his ferite not ... ?? I also initially equally so, but after I found tips and tricks is easy to remove the ferite ga to five menit...  boiled water to boiling and then enter the transformer that would be released feritenya into hot water bubbling it, wait a while approximately 1 minute, next download the transformer using forceps, do not wait for it to cool, it is still in condition  heat that we easily take off ferite  because  melt. Use pliers and screwdriver tools to attract ferrite thin.

How to Make improvements Memory Card Corrupt Damaged Not Legible.

You will feel as if the world becomes dark when one day experience the type of events have damaged memory card.
Direct missing something big shadow .As beautiful memories ... fhoto .... .... the data will be lost
way below may be used to improve on all types of memory cards, a good memory on the BlackBerry, Android, camera, or camcorder.
Step Conducting repairs Damaged Memory Card Not Legible

The first step,
Eject the memory card from the phone. HP shut down first
Clean the copper plate (golden yellow) with a pencil eraser (which is white). Rub gently just until clean.
 Keep the side not exposed to our skin again, therefore can be a mess.
input memory at HP and check whether it has detected and read again the data in it
When is still unreadable? Please try step two below
Step Into-2,
In HP lit conditions, go to the option 'Options Memory Overall Space Repair "
If you are using Android rather limited choice, go to "Settings Erase SD Storage Card".
This will make your memory card clean as new. Sometimes it can do damage repair.
 Origin is not damaged f! Sik severe Thorough, it has been able to read what is not, if not, try the next step
Third step,
Connect your phone to a laptop or PC with a data cable
Make sure your phone is connected in mass storage models, not the media transfer mode
Through Windows Explorer, right click on the HP memory card drive us, specify Properties,
then Tools, Error Checking, wait until the end. Just check all options like in this picture ...
Eject the drive before, unplug the data cable
Try carefully, has been read or not
The fourth step,
Same with step three above to step 3. If the memory card you really have a problem,
 there will generally be an error message. When the laptop is unreadable and looks fine but is still unreadable HP,

 continue with the following steps

Create a new folder on your hard disk, give it a name you remember when the origin of this
new folder will be an area for storing temporarily in other words the backup memory card contents were degraded
Copy all the contents of the memory card
Format memory card earlier. The steps are:
addressed the mouse cursor on the memory card drive
right click
specify format
select / tick in a FAT16 selection
click Start and wait until after the new press Close
restore the file copy in Step 3 earlier to the memory card
This time more carefully, is still failing or not.
To be more durable memorymu card is not easily broken, please read also cause Memory Card Easily Broken
try using a card-reader alone. Or if you have a modem, check if the modem you have memory slots, if so, use it alone, then do such steps do repair damaged memory card unreadable or c0rrupt above. Hopefully MMC you can contribute back

why ? belgium, brussels attacks, where brussels, belgium attacks, bomb brussels, brussels Airports

whether technology will be more destructive World .in this occasion we wonder if there is no technology that can prevent
the occurrence of the above events can
Maybe there is a small part of the way in terms of Eradicate information

1. Access control.

Access control can be achieved in three steps, namely:

a) Identification of the user (user identification).

At first, the user identifies himself by providing something that is known, such as a password or password. Such identification may include the location of the user, such as network entry point and telephone privileges.

b) Proof of the authenticity of the user (user authentication).

After passing the first identification, the user can prove privileges by providing something that he has, such as id cards (smart cards, tokens and chip identification), signature, voice or speech patterns.

c) Authorization user (user authorization).

After passing the examination of identification and authentication, then the person can be given the right authority to access and make changes of a file or data.

2. Monitoring of attacks on the system.

Monitoring system (monitoring system) is used to determine the presence of an intruder who entered into the system (intruder) or an attack (attack) from hackers. This system is commonly called "intruder detection system" (IDS). This system can notify administrators via e-mail or through other mechanisms. There are various ways to monitor the presence of an intruder. There are active and passive. IDS passive way, for example by monitoring the logfile.

3. Use of Encryption.

One satau mechanism to improve system security by using data encryption technology. The data transmitted modified such that it is not easily known by others who are not eligible. The only consideration may be useful

what Fallout 4 Automatron

on this occasion the author will share information about how technology is described in the form of a
futuristic man's work in the form of visualization robot .
and this opportunity is again much discussed is about the fallout .
After finally Bethesda Fallout 4 release Softwork DLCnya finally released with the title Automatron ,
this DLC will allow the player to make the robot and making it become a partner like Follower ,
and also requires the player destroy evil robots .
Bethesda will also add two new add- ons like Wasteland Workshop surfing congratulations again to get all of this .

how about a small computer (micro bit) from BBC

These tiny computers are intended to encourage children to get the programming finally being delivered to schools,
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), a public broadcasting company in the UK recently announced that they are developing micro computers to be distributed to middle school kids. Microcomputer named Bit Micro is expected to increase interest in the field of children's programming.

Micro Bit
For the realization of this plan, the BBC in collaboration with more than 25 organizations. Ten of them are companies that contribute directly to the design, manufacture and distribution: ARM Barclays element14 Freescale Semiconductor Lancaster University Microsoft Nordic Semiconductor Samsung ScienceScope Technology Will Save Us While the rest of the companies or institutions that contribute in the areas of socialization and education: Bright Future CISCO code Club CoderDojo code Kingdoms Creative Digital Solutions CultureTECH Decoded Institution of Engineering and Technology Kitronik London Connected Learning Centre open University Python Software Foundation STEMNET TeenTech tinder Foundation Micro Bit will be made about the size of a credit card like a Raspberry Pi. Micro Bit will also have an LED screen so that students can program more easily. This mini computer is not made to compete with other mini computers which first appeared as Raspberry Pi, Galileo, Kano, Arduino, and his friends, but only to provide easy access to technology for children in the UK. Bit Micro is currently still under development and is planned to be released soon. On this occasion The BBC intends to micro: little to inspire "a new 
generation to get creative with coding, programming and digital technology", thanks to the success of microcomputer

How to Reset Samsung ML-1640, ML-1641, ML-1645

How to Reset Samsung ML-1640, ML-1641, ML-1645

one printer brands that are now again in the market is
Printer Samsung ML-1640, ML-1641, ML-1645 laser printer is economical. However, this printer will stop working after ngeprint 2100 page. The printer will be bold red Blink constantly and asking replace toner. But there is a way to reset it
 Reset Samsung ML-1640, ML-1641, ML-1645
1. Open the rear cover, by opening the second nut / screw.

2. There are 2 board, the other one is the Power supply module and the other Board Printer distinguished green color.

3. Find a small eeprom IC 93C66 feet 8 in Green Printer Board.

4. Connect PIN 1 and 4 at the foot of a small IC 93C66 with a small cable that is soldered.

5. Then make sure all the cables are plugged back in, and turn on the printer Samsung ML-1640, ML-1641, ML-1645. (Do not forget to plug in the power cord) later added even considered broken ...

6. Wait a while until Printers Samsung ML-1640, ML-1641, ML-1645 to complete the calibration and light green flame.

7. Once the green light on, turn the printer back.

8. Unplug small yesteryear connect pins 1 and 4 IC 93C66.

9. Close the back cover of the printer Samsung ML-1640, ML-1641, ML-1645, do not forget to attach the screws.

10. Printer Samsung ML-1640, ML-1641, ML-1645 and finally the printer is ready for use. how easy?

Resetter Epson L110 L210 L300 L350 L355

One printer brands seriously and continue exsin field is a trademark of Epson . and now appears type
Epson L110 L210 L300 L350 L355 , adala generation Epson is using a drip system .
These printers are also not spared from the protection of Epson , which will stop printing if  number is full.
And that's when Epson L110 L210 L300 L350 L355 requested in the reset Software . Here's the link Download Resetter Epson L110 L210 L300 L350 L355 :
Turn your Epson printer series L
Run the program Resetter Epson L120 , L220 , L310 , L311 , L361 , L363 , L561 , L563 , L810 , L811 manner AdjProg.exe double click on the file . If you do not have the software resetter click HERE .
In the next dialog box click the SELECT button to choose the model printer to be reset.
Once selected Printer Model and Its port then click the Particular adjustment mode .
In the next dialog box select the " waste ink pad counter " and then click the OK button .
After the dialog box "Waste Ink Pad Counter" , tick Main Pad Counter . Well, in this dialog box there are two buttons that check and initialization . Check button is used to check the ink point that has come out of our software that will be reset to 0 ( zero ) , then the Initialization button is used to reset the Pad Counter ( main ) .
If successful finish eating reset process by pressing the button FINISH .