Definition and Types of Computer Software

Most of today's society the computer divides into two parts. The first part is the hardware which is a physical device that is in the computer.

And the second is computer software, which tells the hardware what to do and how to do it.

If the computer is likened to that of living things, then the hardware is the body such as eyes for seeing, lungs for breathing and other body parts, while software or software described as intelligence, such as processing the image the eye sees, ordered the hands to lift the object, and forcing the body to breathe using lungs.

Computer Hardware, become part of the machine, and only understand two basic concepts of light (on) and off (off), the concept of on and off is called binary. Computer software developed for the binary can be a way to tell the computer hardware in performing their duties.

Computer software translates and directs computer users to understand about what can be done by computer hardware.

Most of the computer software created by programmers using a programming language. Programmers write the commands in a programming language like the language used by people in general in making conversation.

The commands are called "Source Code". Other computer programs called compilers used on the source code, and then change the command to the language that is understandable by computers. And the result is called the program executable (EXE).

Computer software is divided into two main categories: the system software and application software. The system software presents a program that can allow the hardware running properly. Software applications provide programs that allow users to do something besides running the hardware.

There are also several types of computer software, including:

1. Software Games - The type of software is included in the category of entertainment or entertainment, this software has a variety of types. The types are like MMOs (Massive Multiplayer Online games), first-person shooters, action games, Roleplaying games, and adventure games.

2. Software Driver - Program in allowing computers to interact with additional hardware devices such as printers, scanners, and video cards.

3. Educational Software - as opposed to type the previous program, this educational software can teach anything from the computer, perform related activities such as typing or various other types of education such as chemistry.

4. The media player and other media software development software designed to be able to play or edit digital media such as music or video files.

5. Software Productivity - The type of this software allows users to be more productive both in running a business or perform other productive activities. Examples of this software is software processing letters (Ms Words), a database manager software, presentation software and some other software.

6. Operating system - software that is the source of other software that can allow other software to run. Examples of the software operating system is Windows Vista, Mac OS X and Linux

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