BIOS recovery tips to HP Pavilion dv4, CQ40 and C700

BIOS recovery tips to LAPTOP HP Pavilion dv4, CQ40 and C700

Compaq CQ40-717TU is OFF with the power and wifi led lamp flame. CQ40 laptop demise was caused by a failure to downgrade the BIOS so that there is damage in the laptop BIOS. Dead Laptop and consequently do not come out with a display and wifi led indicator lights tetep.
1. Download the BIOS on the official website. IMPORTANT: The BIOS must be exact, for example CQ40-717TU, meaning you have to download the BIOS CQ40-717TU. And CQ40-717TU does not equal-717TX CQ40. If for CQ40 laptop you can download it HERE,
file "WinFlash for HP Notebook System BIOS - Microsoft Windows-Based"

2. Prepare a blank Flasdisk, 2Gb flash. Remember kosngkan used your flash for the process will run smoothly.

3. Extract the downloaded BIOS file the form. Exe using WinRar or 7Zip program.

4. Find the file extension. 30F7F04.FD FD for example, select the one (usually there are 4 files with the extension. FD), for example I chose 30F7F04.FD. Then leave the first 4 letters of 30F7 and then add the extension. BIN to become 30F7.BIN.

5. So 30F7F04.FD files into 30F7.BIN, then save the file 30F7.BIN it to flash.

6. Remove the BATTERY CHARGER and from the laptop. Remember the batteries must be off.

7. Plug the existing flash files xxxx.BIN

8. Press and hold down the Windows keyboard and B

9. Connect the Charger, the Windows key and B do not off the first.

10. Turn on the laptop by pressing the power button Laptops

11. Hold down the windows and the B button until you hear a "beep", then release the button. Laptop automatically search for the original BIOS is characterized by a distinguished kedip2x LED flash.

12. Beep beep will sound again every 2 seconds, let alone, the laptop itself will die automatically after finished restore / recover the BIOS.

13. Done. To try turn on the laptop as usual by simply pressing the powernya.

14. if you fail, try again and try with another flash, remember ... ... the flash should be empty for easy laptop to find the BIOS file that will be restored or recovered.

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