Canon MP258 Error Codes and How to Overcome It: MP258 Error Code

MP258 Error Code there are two types of codes, namely:
1. who use the first letter P, eg, P07
2. who use the first letter E, for example E05

Canon MP258 Error Code C:
P02 (Carriage error)
1. Make sure no foreign objects stuck in roll printers reply.
2. Clean and check encoder, may be subject to splashes of ink.

P03 (Line feed error)
Cause: Timing Disk dirty / damaged.
1. Check the timing disc sensor to the left of the printer
2. Check and clean boardnya.

P05 (ASF sensor error)
Cause: The paper detection sensor Canon MP258 Error.
Try changing one of the following parts:
• ASF / PE sensor unit.
• Motor.
• Canon MP258 Printer Board.

P06 (Internal temperature error):
Cause: The hyperbolic heat inside the printer Canon MP258.
1. Clean the inside of the printer MP258.
2. replace the Board Printer MP258

P07 (Ink absorber full):
Cause: Ink Counter Full / Full, Printer Canon MP258 reset requested in disposable Software.
Solution: Reset the Canon MP258 Printer using the software

P08 (Print head temperature rise error):
Cause: Head too hot, exceeding the threshold, usually Cartridge color
Try changing the color catrid Printer Canon MP258.

P09 (EEPROM error)
Cause: Canon MP258 experienced board EEPROM Corrupt or damaged.
1. replace the Canon MP258 Printer Board.

P10 (Logic Board / Carriage Unit / Cartridge Second Breakdown)
Cause: Cartridge is left empty and used to print on. consequently the heat and there is damage in one of the following components: Logic Board / Carriage Unit / Second Cartridge.
Solution: Replace One of the components above the rank of who most easily and cheaply. Read more HERE

Q15 (Vbus USB over current)
Cause: The printer excess current from the USB cable Canon MP258 Printer.
1. Try to Change Printer Canon MP258 USB cable.
2. If it is still broken, replace the Canon MP258 Printer Board.

P20 (Other hardware error)
Cause: damage to other hardware
replace the Canon MP258 Printer Board.

P22 (Scanner Error)
Cause: The scanner does not work
1. Replace scanner Canon MP258 printer.
2. Replace Board Printer Canon MP258.

Canon MP258 Error Code E:

E04: Canon MP258 Cartridge is not installed properly.
Solution: Take the cartridge, plug again trus

E05: Canon MP258 Cartridge is not installed properly or one catrid some damaged
1. Take the cartridge, plug again trus
2. Replace the cartridge if some damaged

E14 and E15: Canon MP258 Cartridge is not installed properly.
Solution: Take the cartridge, plug again trus

E13 and E16: Ink has run out / cartridge reset request.
Press the STOP / Reset for 5 - 15 seconds wait until the LED display to proceed.

Hopefully useful, ...

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