How to Overcome Canon iP2770 Printer Error 5B00

Canon iP2770 Printer is a printer type that can sometimes make us upset when the printer is used to print the printer suddenly did not want to do the printing. Blinking lights and jammed printer would not work out the writing on the dialog box canon IP2700 series printer error 5B00,

Signs / indicators:

Ink and leaking suspension of the head (head) cartridge
for the possibility to use your infusion drip tip kaberl leaked ink cartridge exploded on the head.
On display monito image will appear as below when the printer is instructed to print

by looking at the signs above, we can conclude that the canon IP2700 printer needs to be reset by manually or by software resetter canon IP2700 printer.

Step-by-step how to Service Canon IP2700 printer error 5B00 as follows:
gambar printer canon
                                                                    ( image 2)

Enter the Service Mode iP2770: Reset manually

The printer is turned off and the power cord.
Press the RESUME button two seconds and then press the POWER button until the green light is on (when pressing the POWER button, Resume button not released yet);
Then release the Resume button, but do not release the button POWER.
While pressing the POWER button, press the Resume button 6 times. Led will flash alternately orange last green with a green flame. CAUTION: (not to be mistaken 4x because the printer will die in total, but it is temporary too) then.
Release both buttons simultaneously.
Led will blink briefly and then will turn GREEN.
The computer will detect the new device, leave until the process is complete
This situation shows iP2770 printer in a state of SERVICE MODE and ready to reset.


Then run Resetter iP2770 Software v1074 it:

File Exctract Resetter iP2770.
Prepare 2 paper in the printer (to print at the time of the reset process).
Run the program Resetter iP2770 (see figure 1 below)
Click "PLAY", then the printer will proceed, then the iP2770 will print a page with the words "D = 000.0" (see image 2 below)
Click "EEPROM Clear".
Then click "EEPROM", and the printer will print the results Resetter iP2770. One line in his writings as follows:
cara resetter canon iP2770
"TPage (TTL = 00000)" (see image 3)
Turn off the printer by pressing the POWER button.

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