How to Reset the HP Deskjet 2566, 3535, 3420, 3920, 2466,

please note that the fact that the printer requires a reset only 2, namely:

1. Epson Printer,:
Machinery / Board and Cartridge on protection by the vendor / manufacturer to use some sort of counter / timer on the machine or on the cartridge nya.Printer this type when it comes to a certain count the printer is blinking.

2. Canon printers,:
Machinery / Board in the same protection with epson printer. so also need a reset. Protection is intended that after entering the count limit printer / cartridge can not be used again by the user.

As for the HP Deskjet printer or other type of HP printer that does not need a reset, because there is no protection against the board or this HP printer cartridge.

So HP deskjet 2566, 3535, 3420, 3920, 2466, etc. are blinking / flashing power light - blinking continues, does not mean we have to reset the HP Deskjet printer.

Printer HP 2566, 3535, 3420, 3920, 2466, etc. that blinking is a sign that one of the HP deskjet printer cartridge chip is damaged and must be replaced with new ones.

The solution HP Deskjet printer HP Deskjet printer or if you blink, namely:

  1. Remove one of your HP Deskjet printer cartridges as a removable cartridge color first.
  2. Then turn on your HP Deskjet printer.
  3. Then observe the indicator light if powernya Printer HP Deskjet 2566, 3535, 3420, 3920, 2466, you are still blinking means your black cartridge is damaged.
  4. full flame power indicator, meaning the black cartridge HP Deskjet printer you good / good.
  5. Then remove and replace the black cartridge with color cartridges are installed.
  6. Then turn on the printer HP Deskjet
  7. Then observe the indicator light if the power on the HP Deskjet 2566, 3535, 3420, 3920, 2466, still blinking means your color cartridge is damaged.
  8. Then the flame full power indicator light, meaning HP Deskjet printer color cartridges you nice / good.

Cartridge is damaged beyond repair, but before we throw it tries to clean pin cartidge with a pencil eraser and try again to make sure your cartridge is broken or not.

HP Deskjet printers can walk / print despite using only one (1) cartridge, unlike Epson and Canon printer with both cartridges must be installed so that the printer can print.

Conclusion How to Reset the HP Deskjet 2566, 3535, 3420, 3920, 2466, which is actually not blink as in Epson and Canon printers, but because of the damage to one or both of the cartridges used.

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